Where’s My State Refund NY?

Working on your tax refund? At present, it has become easier to do so, with the existence of ‘Where’s My State Refund?’ NY. Indeed, the Internet has provided a lot of convenience to almost anything.

However, there are still lots of things that you need to know. In this article, let us talk about some misconceptions regarding state tax refund status and the wonders of ‘Where’s My Refund?’ feature.

False Thoughts about State Tax Refund Status

Learning about one’s tax refund status could be tricky. To help you out, here are the common misconceptions you may have regarding your own state tax refund status:

  • State taxes are just the same as federal taxes.

Numerous tax payers think that the rules for state and Federal are the same. But the truth is it is often not true. States have different laws on tax reinforced by their own Department of Revenue.

  • You need to file your tax in one state only.

Living in NY doesn’t necessarily mean it is the only state where you should file taxes. If you lived in a different state in the past, you have to file a return as well as be in the know of your status for that particular state. You are required to do the same if you had a job in another state, whether you physically worked there or worked remotely from your home.

  • Having no problems with audit means everything is okay.

While your tax agent could tell you that there are no major problems with your status, you should still have to figure out if everything is well taken care of. For instance, you may not know an overpayment of tax has been made. In most cases, agents only inform their clients about underpaid taxes but don’t do the same about overpaid ones.

These are just some of the false thoughts that you may already have. Feel free to do further research to learn more.

Benefits of Using the ‘Where’s My State Refund?’ Feature?

‘Where’s My State Refund?’ is a popular online feature of IRS, which gives its users information about their income tax refund. Its duty is basically to track the progress of your refund which goes through three stages: Return Received, Refund Approved, and Refund Sent.

Needless to say, getting personalized refund information is greatly beneficial to you. The tool also works fast; it allows you to check your status within 24 hours after receiving your e-filed return. Moreover, it is always up-to-date, easy to use, and always available. Indeed, this feature comes with a lot of convenience for its users.


With enough knowledge and right tools, you can easily and properly monitor your tax refund status. Apparently, it truly pays to learn new things and be updated about the advancement in technology.