TaxSlayer Prices

There are tons of things that you can’t avoid when filing taxes: filling several forms, crunching numbers, going through so many receipts, and maybe even cutting certain losses. However, there are also a few things that you can avoid when accomplishing this task: getting overly stressed and paying lots of money on a tax preparation service.

While there are now lots of free and low-cost tax preparation apps and programs, not all of them are very reliable. There are always issues with privacy and accuracy. This is why choosing the right one is crucial as it can make or break your process.

TaxSlayer is one of the highly rated and recommended programs for tax preparation and online filing today. It is designed to provide great convenience, ease of use, and practicality to those who are already confident with online tax filing.

The following TaxSlayer prices are estimates only.


Simply Free

Simple federal tax return. Includes one free state return. $0.00


Federal Return - Additional credits and deductions.$24.95
State Return$39.95


Federal Return - Skip-the-line phone & email support. Plus live chat and Ask a Tax Pro.$44.95
State Return$39.95


Federal Return - Everything in Premium plus help with taxes for the self-employed.$54.95
State Return$39.95

What is TaxSlayer?

TaxSlayer is a software product for online tax filing and preparation. It’s best known for its affordable services and continuous development so users can find improvements to the processes they face on a yearly basis.

It may not be as popular as other tax prep programs with heavy marketing efforts but it’s deemed by many as a reliable choice for basic needs. This shouldn’t be too surprising since the company behind it has been around for decades. 

They started as a traditional full-service tax preparation service company known as the Rhodes-Murphy & Co and are still actually in operation today. It’s their online subsidiary, the Rhodes Computer Services, created in the late 1980s that transformed into what TaxSlayer is today. They initially sold taxation software that they called ‘Taxslayer Pro’, named after the email used by Jimmy Rhodes, son of one of the founders and the CEO at the time.

Nearly a decade later, they started developing for marketing purposes. Over time, with continuous innovation, it became the service that it is today.

Why Opt for TaxSlayer

There are tons of other tax preparation and filing programs online nowadays so why should you give TaxSlayer a chance? With its cheesy name, it’s understandable that some folks may have doubts about their services. With their background and performance, however, they will prove that your doubts are ill-founded.

What sets it apart is its pricing model. It offers free services but if you need additional assistance, they can also provide that to you. Their charges depend primarily on the level of support that you need and not on the capabilities of their software. As a result, you can gain access to a powerful program but still pay very little if you don’t necessarily need a lot of assistance in your preparation and filing processes. 

Available Packages

They have four tax prep products to choose from, each meant for the type of filer the user is. 

The Simply Free product is the most basic package, best suited to those with very straightforward tax situations and don’t have a lot of complications with their documents. It will let you file a Form 1040 but it will not let you itemize schedules. 

For that purpose, the Classic is better equipped. The Classic package is made for everyone, especially those who will need easier filing services. It’s the lowest priced option on their product range but free for active-duty military personnel. 

The Premium package is what you’ll need if you need a bit more help with your taxes. It still has the same features as the Classic but it comes with priority phone, chat, and email support, unlimited access to tax professionals, and a good deal of audit assistance.

The package for those who are Self-Employed is the most expensive of all since they tend to be in complicated tax situations. The bonus you’ll get here is access to tax professionals that are well-versed in self-employment taxation and additional guidance and reminders for payments and form submissions.  

These packages are quite flexible, too. You can start out with a free package but you can also easily choose to upgrade if necessary. This gives you a lot of room to assess your tax situation and the kind of help you need in accomplishing it.

Other Handy Features

Promising simplified processing of tax filings, TaxSlayer is equipped with the following useful features:

  • Donation calculator which will assist you in calculating the deductions you can get from donating to charity.
  • Email and phone support so you have options on how you’d like to reach a tax expert to help you with your queries.
  • Platform mobility as it will let you do your taxes on any device. They also have a mobile app that can allow you to get some tax tasks done while on the go but it’s pretty limited so you might want to take note of that as well.

Should You Turn to TaxSlayer for Help?

With a thoughtful design, a user interface that is comparable to premium services, powerful products, and affordable pricing, TaxSlayer can really be out to slay your tax filing woes. It can make the tedious and challenging process a lot more manageable for a lot less money and your utmost convenience.

For more information about TaxSlayer, visit their official website.