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Most, if not all, taxpayers put in plenty of time, energy and effort into getting every exemption and deduction on their tax return. While it’s definitely a must for tax reduction purposes, it isn’t enough when you’re still paying full price for related products and services like software and classes. With a Jackson Hewitt coupon, fortunately, you can avoid paying full price for many of its products and services and, thus, get more value for your money.   

By the way, coupons for Jackson Hewitt products and services can be found on coupon websites, the same ones where you can also find coupons for grocery items, clothes and shoes, and electronics.  Just be sure to use the coupons within the stated time frame due to expiration issues. In most tax-related coupons, these usually expire before April of the year they were issued; April is considered as tax season in the United States.  

Be sure to check the coupon, too, in order to determine what these product or service these can be used for. You may be able to use it in one of three of Jackson Hewitt’s services.  

Tax-return Preparation Service

Jackson Hewitt is among the most reputable tax preparation providers, partly thanks to its experienced tax preparers and updated tax software. Known as ProFiler, the tax software can be used in the computerized preparation of federal income, state income, and individual tax returns. Aside from the software, the company also offers e-filing services via its official website.  

If you’re planning on availing of such service, then you should find the appropriate coupon so that you can get a good deal or discount. Jackson Hewitt categorizes its tax preparation services into three tiers – basic, standard, and premium. Be sure to check which of these three tiers the coupon applies for faster processing of your discount.  

The price for each tier differs; the three tiers apply to federal tax returns since there’s a single fixed all-in price for state returns. As of latest data, Jackson Hewitt offers for free the filing of a basic federal tax return while the standard tax return comes with a fee of $34.95 and the premium tax return is at $54.95 each.  The state tax return fee is $36.95 and we think it’s a good deal, too.  

With a coupon, you can enjoy cost-saving discounts on one of these services.  Aside from getting the discount, you can also rely on its tax preparers to ensure your tax return complies with IRS rules and regulations.  

You can also avail of premium services for an additional fee. These services include audit support, tax deduction finder, and automatic error detection.  

Education at the Tax School

Many of the coupons issued by Jackson Hewitt can also be applied to its tax school.  The discount will definitely be useful since the money you save can be applied on other things, perhaps on your travel expenses.  

You have two choices in enrollment in the Tax School – inside a classroom or via online classes. The University of Phoenix is where the classroom-based classes will be held while the online classes will obviously be held in whatever comfortable place of your own choosing. Jackson Hewitt is approved by the IRS as a continuation education provider so both new graduates and tax professionals can enroll in its tax classes.

Don’t think that just because you’re getting discount on your tax education that you’re getting inferior education, far from it. You will still get the best tax education that Jackson Hewitt can give even at the discounted price you paid for it.  

The next time you’re looking for coupons for your grocery, electronics and the like, you should look for a Jackson Hewitt coupon! You’re not just getting a discount but a great service, too.