H&R Block Coupons

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The H&R Block coupon can be easily found online but many taxpayers fails to take advantage of it, which is a shame indeed.  Just like coupons for consumer products and services, it can also be used to decrease your out-of-pocket expenses during the tax season. But don’t just use it without knowing the following things first.  

Discounts Are Coming Your Way

Just as the name implies, H&R Block coupons and coupon codes offer discounts on the company’s tax preparation software. There are several sites that have partnerships with H&R Block to provide discounted software and tax preparation prices. The discounts depend on the amount in dollars or percentage stated on the coupon itself, such as $10 off or 10% on the gross price. The discount varies, too, from 10% to 35%, depending on the time of the year, among other factors.

The best time to get these coupons and coupons codes are a few weeks before the tax season arrives, usually in April of each year. H&R Block usually issues the discounts and rebates on their useful tax preparation software as a marketing tool, particularly as a way of attracting more taxpayers to subscribe to it.  

Judging by the annual issuance of these coupons and the way these are snapped up by taxpayers, the company’s marketing plan is on the right track. Interested individuals must then be aware of the websites and publications that provide these coupons and coupon codes lest other taxpayers beat them to it. Due to the high demand for these coupons, many taxpayers may even be unable to avail of them, but there’s always the next year.

The discount or rebate on the H&R Block tax preparation software makes the tax season less stressful for many reasons.  First, you don’t have to hire a tax professional and, thus, you are saving on professional fees. Second, you will be able to learn valuable information about the country’s tax system, such as personal exemptions and deductible business expenses.

Third, you can learn the basics of tax preparation, a valuable skill that can work to your advantage when making your business purchases and donating your money to charitable causes, to name a few examples. The savvier you are about taxes, the better you will be able to file the correct return and pay the correct taxes.  Believe us, it isn’t fun dealing with the Taxman!   

Where To Get Discounts And Coupons

H&R Block works with certain partners to allow these partners’ website visitors to get a discounted offering of their tax software and, sometimes, even a discount on their in-person tax preparation service. Here are a few sites you should check out to see what H&R Block discounts and coupons are available currently.





Software Downloads

The coupon code may be used for either subscribing or downloading the H&R Block At Home software to your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone. Be sure to follow the instructions including filling up the required fields so that the discount stated on the coupon will be applied appropriately to your subscription.  

Since this is all online, there are no shipping costs involved in the subscription because of the software’s downloadable design. The download itself is intuitive – just follow the prompts on the screen and your software subscription will be up and running within several seconds.  

The software itself is user-friendly from its layout to its navigation so even a first-time user should be able to use it well after studying it for 15 minutes or so. There are also plenty of step-by-step instructional materials online as well as the great customer service at H&R Block.  

Why buy the H&R Block tax preparation software in the first place? H&R Block is a trusted name in the tax preparation industry, a name that has been around for more than 60 years. Aside from its retail tax services, the Kansas City-based company also offers digital tax services via its online tax programs and software like H&R Block Best of Both.  

By using the H&R Block coupon, you’re basically getting the best of both worlds, as cliché as it may sound. You’re getting a reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable tax preparation software and you’re getting it from a trusted name.